Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pdf documents convert

pdf documents convert pdf documents convert

Convert documents to PDF
Easily create Adobe PDF documents that preserve the formatting and integrity of the original file

PDF was invented by Adobe in 1990 and has steadily grown into the de facto standard for trusted electronic documents and forms. In the course of normal business, you probably encounter PDF documents on a daily basis — for example, whenever you need to share critical information with colleagues or clients, but you don't want to share the native file. Or whenever you need to protect a file so that others cannot change it.

With Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional software, you can easily convert and optimize documents, spreadsheets, e-mails, websites, technical drawings, and 3D designs into more secure Adobe PDF files.

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Key benefits

Reliably create an Adobe PDF file from any application that prints.
Create PDF files with one-button ease from Microsoft Office and many other popular applications.
Easily distribute PDF files through e-mail to provide information in minutes rather than days or hours.
Share documents with others regardless of the operating system and applications they have installed on their computer.
Archive information in PDF/A, a format that provides the ability to open and view files for years to come.
Make PDF documents more accessible by adding tags to control reading order and improve navigation. Use the ISO standard PDF/A format for archiving.
Incorporate accessibility tags to achieve section 508 compliance.-->

Sample uses
Protected content in shared designs
E-mail archives for quick search and retrieval
Web page capture
Digital archives
High-quality, professional printing

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Combine and share documents
Create an electronic form
Streamline document reviews
Protect sensitive information
Edit PDF documents
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