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pdf mail pro

pdf mail pro

PDFmail Pro is a vital complete PDF conversion solution for your office technology suite, available in single station or network versions.

PDFmail Pro, secure document transmission
PDFmail Pro can lock your documents with a password.
Documents can be locked on two levels:
1) You can lock the following functions:
· Printing
· Document modification
· Addition of notes
· Copying of text from a document
The person sending the document can choose one or all of these options. He/she can thus decide that the recipient can only print the document and not modify it.
2) Password required upon opening of the document to guarantee total confidentiality.Only the recipient, who knows the password, can read the document.

PDFmail Pro, advanced functionalities
Automatic detection of hypertext links and email addresses in all documents (PDFmail exclusive)
Management of Word tables of contents
PDFmail icon in the Office work tool
Office Macro compatible with advanced security
Exceptional conversion time: 8 to 35 times faster than its competitors (30 seconds for a 160 page Word document with 500 bookmarks)
Excel Macro for conversion of selected sheets with creation of PDF bookmarks
Concatenation module: you can convert documents from diverse applications (Word, Excel) into a single PDF file.
Automatic addressing: you can automatically search for email addresses contained in the original document to automate transmission of PDF documents to those recipients.

“Click & Convert”
With the “Click & Convert” module, transmission of all your documents and report printouts becomes child’s play: you can convert any document to PDF format with a single mouse click (right-click). Simply choose a document using Windows Explorer. The PDF file obtained has the same name as the source file and is located in the same place.

PDFmail Pro, as simple as printing
Simply select the virtual PDFmail printer using your software, and the conversion to PDF and the link to your messaging system software are performed automatically by PDFmail. You then just need to enter the contact’s email address.

High-quality PDF files
PDFmail Pro converts your documents into real PDF files, and not into PDF-encapsulated images.

An ideal tool for sending your attachments
PDFmail Pro offers a direct link to the messaging system. The converted document can then be directly attached to an email, ready for sending.
PDFmail Pro compresses the original document during conversion, giving smaller attachments that are easier to send by email.
PDF format is an ideal format for attached documents as they cannot be modified and do not carry viruses.
PDFmail Pro interfaces with all messaging system software packages on the market. You thus conserve all available functionalities: address books, mail forwarding, contact management, groupware, etc.

Easy network deployment
PDFmail Pro includes a Windows MSI Installer installation package used for client deployment from an Active Directory group strategy (GPO).

Technical features
Single station or network version
Supported systems:
-Client: from Windows 95
-Server: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003
Languages available
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

pdf mail pro
source : http://www.fotowin.com/gb/pdfmail_pro.asp

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